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Multimedia projects provide students with opportunities to acquire 21st century skills by requiring them to gather, integrate and synthesize information as they collaborate and communicate within a digital environment.  Effective multimedia projects require students to construct knowledge and use higher-level thinking skills to remix and present content. 
There are many free and user-friendly tools available for creating multimedia projects and it’s hard to know which tools to choose. I used Scoop.It to put together a collection of my favorites to get the school year started

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Comics in the Classroom

Comics are a powerful teaching tools that provide educators with engaging visual content to support all learners. Not only are the appealing and kid-friendly, they provide an opportunity for reluctant readers to visualize as they read, as well as providing a means for reluctant writers to communicate a story with a beginning, middle, and end. There has been a lot of attention focusing on the benefits of using comics in the classroom. Here are some resources for getting started:

Rationale for use:
Tom Hark and Lori Weinstein have created a list of ways comics relate to Multiple Intelligences on their Story Ark blog, which I have captured and republished here:
 Story Ark Comics, Manga and Flash Teaching via kwout

Free and User-Friendly Web 2.0 Tools: Create Your Own Comics
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Good Collections of Comics Lesson Plans and More:

  1. ReadWriteThink Access a variety of great user submitted lesson plans and resources on this site.
  2. National Association of Comics Art Educators
    A rich resource complete with lesson plans, study guides, sample scripts, handouts and connections to comics teachers.
  3. Comics in the Classroom
    Lesson plans with a comics theme.
  4. The Graphic Classroom Blog
    A blog for teachers and librarians that is dedicated to providing resources for using high quality comics for classroom instruction.

Spell with Me: A Tool for Flickr

Spell with Me is a quick and easy tool that translates letters in words into Flickr images. Type in any word and this tool will generate one image for each letter and then provide you with the embed code to include the image on your blog or website. Use this tool to create eye-catching graphics for your digital resources or let students use it to reinforce spelling or vocabulary practice, but be careful not to overuse it, a little goes a long way.

YouTube Tools: Maximize Instruction and Tame Videos

Video in the classroom is a dynamic resource for supporting the curriculum and engaging students. A wide range of video with educational value is available on YouTube, but sometimes those videos need to be tweeked to maximize instruction. Want to eliminate the extras, share only a snippet of a video, or string several videos clips together? Here are some free and user friendly tools to help educators make the most of YouTube videos in the classroom.

ViewPure: Eliminate the extras
Install and use the handy bookmarklet to quickly eliminate related videos, comments, or ads found on YouTube. Share a purified video through a link on your blog or website, or pop it into your digital learning platform to encourage online discussions.
View example: A Vision of K-12 Students Today

Splicd: Share a snippet of a video 
Enter a YouTube url, then set the start and end time for the part of the video you want to share.  Generate a code for embedding into any blog or website in a snap and cut straight to the point. Use snippets to kickoff a writing project or discussion.

CaptionTube: Guide the learning and maximize instruction
Add focus to YouTube videos by creating captions to share through a bookmark or link. Include captions for guided questions or to provide students with additional information.
Watch demo

Drag On Tape: Create a mix of your favorite video clips.
Splice portions of YouTube videos together with this online editor. Install the bookmarklet for added functionality. Use this tool to create a presentation for students, or let them create their own to illustrate a concept or make a point.
View example: Space Shuttle Launch Mix