EdTechTeacher Innovation Summit is Here!

I’m looking forward to presenting at the EdTechTeacher Innovation Summit in San Diego on Tuesday of this week. The conference promises to bring together talented educators who are trailblazers. This sounds amazing to me and I eagerly await the opportunity to learn, grow and connect with educators at this EdTech event! 

Explore this interactive image to learn more about my session and the EdTechTeacher San Diego Summit.

Transform Teaching & Learning wit ThingLink + Google Apps

Learn to embrace the powerful possibilities that are available by combining ThingLink interactive images and video with Google Apps. Educators can use a Google Doc to collect information, automate tasks and make the workflow progress smoothly throughout any student driven learning experience. ThingLink’s media rich platform displays published Google Docs right on top of any image or inside of a video. Google Docs are useful for collecting data for assessment, collect feedback and even provide opportunities for reteaching and challenge. Better yet, those Google Docs are live and interactive so students don’t have to navigate to another page. Join this session to learn more about this truly great combination of tools for engaging students in personalized learning experiences with ThingLink and Google Docs.


Explore a Powerful ESL Project

This week when I met with a talented colleague, Deanna Otten, to collaborate and design a lesson for her ESL students, we hit the jackpot! 

Deanna shared a video project she was working on in which students created iMovies on an iPad to narrate stories and share experiences they had over winter break. As you will see, each of the students did a fantastic job of writing, illustrating and narrating their short stories, and Deanna put the work together to create a delightful iMovie. We both agreed that the next step would be publishing.

Benefits of Publishing & Sharing 

There are many benefits to publishing and sharing student work. The most obvious benefit is that learning can be extended beyond the classroom walls as work is easily shared with friends and relatives across the globe. Sharing with an audience serves as a motivational tool which is likely to cause students to put greater effort into their work and push themselves a little harder. With the right tools, published work can even be used to collect feedback!

Ways to Extend Learning and Engagement

After Deanna published the iMovie on YouTube, I was excited to pull it into ThingLink Video to add interactivity through the use of a variety of embeddable tools. As you watch the video, click on the tags to experience the benefits of seamless integration with tools that provide interactivity and increase engagement. Here are the tools used with each of the stories:

Explore & Interact with this Video

by Ms. Deanna Otten and her ESL Students

3 Ways to Embrace ThingLink EDU in the New Year

//cdn.thinglink.me/jse/embed.js Happy New Year to All!
ThingLink EDU has continued to grow in 2015 to include more than 1,000,000 edu users. Along the way we’ve developed some pretty great ways to use our amazing tool to transform teaching and learning. Please explore 3 Ways to Embrace ThingLink EDU in the New Year. We hope you will get inspired to try one of these ideas in the classroom this year!  Read more on the ThingLink Blog for Education.

Kicking off the New Year with Design Thinking

Over the course of the past 7 years I’ve been weaving a web of digital tools to support teaching and learning, and that work is documented on this blog

I began my journey into the use of digital tools for teaching and learning through blogging in March, 2009 and have thoroughly explored a substantial number of tools along the way. I’ve added the most flexible tools to my own digital toolkit, which has grown into a collection of tools capable of supporting powerful learning experiences. As I reflect on this learning journey, my mantra remains the same, I Blog to Learn! 

Last week I published an interactive image on this blog that is a work in progress. I knew that publishing it would keep it on the front burner as something worth working on. Since publication, I have added a few screencasts to the interactive image. Please explore Design Thinking for Communication, one method of combining the best features of popular apps to embrace learning.

Stay tuned to this blog for more on Design Thinking for Communication in the New Year!