Join us for Digital Differentiation with Google Docs

Join me and @MyInfinitec at 3:30 CST for a Wednesday Webinar that is FREE to Illinois educators and also members of MyInfinitec outside the state.

Digital Differentiation: Great Ways to Use Google Docs to Design Differentiated Learning Experiences

February 12, 2020 | 4:30-5:30 EDT

Learn to leverage the power of Google Docs to design personalized learning experiences that meet the unique needs of ALL learners in the classroom. Provide students with flexible learning paths and maximize instruction by embracing the powerful features available in this mainstream tool for education. Learn to combine pedagogy with features to support Universal Design for Learning and walk away with a template for modification and reuse.

Registration is open to all Illinois educators and @MyInfinitec members for live or archived viewing.

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Digital Differentiation: Power Up the Portfolio Process with Google

We hope you can join our next Wednesday Winter Webinar on February 5th. This session is designed to help educators learn to embrace the many features available in Google Docs for Education to power up the ePortfolio process for increased student engagement. Registration is FREE to Illinois Educators and also members of UCP/Infinitec.

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Learn to embrace e-portfolios to empower students as stakeholders in their own learning. Explore apps that seamlessly support the three-step e-portfolio process to ensure successful implementation and management. Discover powerful ways students can create collections of artifacts to document learning as they engage in self-reflection and goal setting.


Digital Differentiation 2 ePortfolio Process

Wednesday, February 5, 2020 | 3:30 PM CST – 4:30 PM CST




Join Us for Digital Differentiation with Google Docs 2020

Join me and @MyInfinitec for a webinar series designed to help educators dig deeper into Digital Differentiation with Google Docs 2020. The model was designed to provide resources, pedagogy, and inspiration to empower educators to leverage the power of tech as a tool to support the unique learning needs of ALL students.

Digital Differentiation 2020

The pedagogy and tools have been frequently updated and presented to audiences live and worldwide throughout the past decade. I’m excited to continue to present Digital Differentiation this year and thrilled to be able to illustrate the tremendous progress and growth among all stakeholders in education.

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Join Our Wednesday Webinars in October

I’m pleased to be presenting a series of webinars for on Wednesdays in October. Each webinar  is designed to help educators leverage the power of Google Docs to boost the engagement of ALL learners. Each session will take a look at ways to use the design features available in this free and accessible mainstream suite of tools to support the principles of Universal Design for Learning, UDL

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Putting UDL to Practice for Increased Engagement in a Standards-Based Learning Environment

With abundant access to data, schools can personalize learning to help each student demonstrate success in a standards-based learning environment. Educators who provide students with learning experiences based on the principles of Universal Design for Learning, UDL, can greatly boost the engagement of ALL learners, not just students with significant learning needs. 

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Digital Differentiation A Webinar Featuring Tools to Support Flexible Learning Paths for Personalized Learning

I created the original Digital Differentiation model in 2011 for use as a professional development resource to help teachers leverage the power of technology as a tool for learning. The model has been frequently updated throughout the years to reflect the growth, progress, and use of data to inform instruction.

On April 24, 2019, a webinar featuring the 2019 edition of Digital Differentiation was presented via Simple K-12. Members can watch the archived version by clicking on the link below. Not a member? Join our mailing list below to receive updates on when and where to catch a session.




Interested in a personalized session for your school or organization? Please connect and share your ideas below.


Teaching Above the Line: A Webinar on Using the SAMR Model for Tech Integration

Are you looking for ways how to leverage the power of technology to maximize student learning? Researchers have determined that technology integration typically moves through four specific levels: Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition (SAMR). The higher the level of activity the greater the educational benefit.

Join Our Webinar: Teaching Above the Line – Using the SAMR Model for Tech Integration

This webinar will show how to use the SAMR model of technology integration as a guide for planning and implementing classroom learning experiences that take student learning to higher levels.

Join me and Simple K12 on Wednesday, April 17th @ 6 pm EST as we look at some traditional standards-aligned learning tasks and walk them up the line to show how to transform your teaching and “Teach Above the Line.”